Factors to Consider When Choosing a Triathlon Wetsuit

07 Mar

Wearing a triathlon suit for the first time may fell off, but with time, you get used to the feeling. There are many benefits of wearing a triathlon wetsuit. First is that it helps keep the body warm. The other is that it helps with buoyancy and also improves motion. In this post, we will discuss some important factors you will need to consider when selecting a wetsuit, whether you are a first-time buyer or you are a seasoned buyer.

The first consideration is how well the body fits. It is essential to get a good fit for your wet suit, for if it is too large, then too much water will enter it and make it heavy, and if it is too tight, then it becomes uncomfortable. Finding a good fit is also crucial as it will help you feel comfortable and will not limit your motion. Besides, you will need to ensure that your wetsuit has got a good seal. There needs to be minimal water entering your suit. When water comes to your wetsuit, it will make you feel exhausted after a long swim, because you will be dragging the water with you. Therefore, ensure that your suits have minimal water entry points. It should also fit well around your neck. Be sure to read more here!

Another consideration when it comes to choosing a wetsuit is the range of motion. You should be able to flex and stretch comfortably in the suit when you are swimming. Doing your strokes should not fell constrained and should be as if you are wearing a swimming jammer. If you experience some difficulty doing your strokes, then it means that the size you have is not right for you. A good suit should be hydrodynamic. What this implies is that it should improve your mobility and water resistance. Also, a good wetsuit should improve your buoyancy in water.  Be sure to learn more here!

Furthermore, you will need to factor in the durability of the wetsuit. What this means is that you need to buy a wetsuit that will be able to withstand the long miles of races and training you will have to do. Most of the swimmers who may want to buy wetsuits most likely will be training in it daily; therefore, you will need a suit that will last long. Also, before you use your outfit in the swimming pool, make sure that it is suitable to be used there because of chlorine that may wear out the suit. Here are more related discussions about sportswear at http://www.encyclopedia.com/earth-and-environment/ecology-and-environmentalism/environmental-studies/fitness.

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